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Find: Rose Naming Resources

Want to name a rose after someone important to you, after your business, or for a good cause? Read more about who to contact here.

'Rebecca Mary' rose by Dickson Roses.

The ‘Rebecca Mary’ rose, bred by Colin Dickson. Photo courtesy of Dickson Roses.

The following businesses offer rose-naming opportunities for individuals and/or charities and corporations:

Rosen Tantau, for German and other European inquiries. For UK inquiries only, please email Bernhard Mehring at

Dickson Roses

Cockers Roses

C & K Jones

Harkness Roses

Meilland International

For rose breeders in the United Kingdom, contact Roses UK.

For rose breeders in the United States, contact the American Rose Society.

For a listing of rose society members and breeders worldwide, contact the World Federation of Rose Societies.

Other Information and Links:

Rosa ‘Kaffe Fassett’ is currently available at Pococks Roses in the U.K.

The ‘Kaffe Fassett’ rose is scheduled for 2014 release in the U.S. by Paul Zimmerman Roses.

Rosa ‘Alexander’s Issie’ is currently only available in the U.K. For purchase information, please contact Dickson Roses.

A retrospective on Isabella Blow’s life in fashion is being presented at Somerset House in London, where customers can also order ‘Alexander’s Issie.’

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